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Shelter Pets

they all deserve a second chance

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This is a community for people who have opened their lives & homes to unwanted animals, or those who are considering welcoming a pet into their family. It is also a place to promote awareness about shelter & rescue animals, and where people can learn more about them.


1. Anyone can join, but you have to be a member in order to post.

2. Feel free to post stories about any and all animals - this includes cats & dogs, small animals, exotics, farm animals, etc.

3. Please do NOT discuss breeding your pets in this community. If you have questions about raising young animals feel free to ask, but as this community's purpose is to raise awareness about animal shelters & hopefully help the homeless pet problem, talking about breeding your pets is not an acceptable thing to post about.

4. RESPECT OTHER MEMBERS. People have differing opinions and experiences. If you think someone in the community needs to be informed of something related to their pet's health & well-being, you may comment, but try to do so in an inoffensive manner. If you receive this kind of comment, understand that it is meant to be helpful, and even if the commentor did not reply in a very tactful way, please just consider their comment whether you agree or not. If I see that people are constantly bickering back & forth, I'll either delete the comments, or if things get really out of hand, I will ban you.

5. If you're considering getting a pet, you are welcome to join this community in order to educate yourself about your potential adoptee. If you have questions feel free to ask & we will try our best to help you out. It's important to do your homework before bringing home a pet!

6. If you decide to join, please make an introductory post. Nothing specific, just let us know you're here, and if you have any pets feel free to post stories & pictures.

7. If your post is very long (ie more than one or two short paragraphs) please put it behind a cut. Pictures also need to be behind a cut.

8. Fee free to promote the community! We're trying to raise awareness & help shelter animals.

9. There is no age limit. You do not have to be a pet owner, or veg*n, or anything like that. Please do not insult or disrespect people who don't share the same view as you on such things. Again, this goes back to respect!

***If you'd like to make banners, feel free - I currently do not have Photoshop so I'm very limited with what I can make.***

"Growing up, I always heard never to buy a puppy from a pet store, but I never truly understood why. They seemed just as entitled to live in a loving home as any other dog. I would walk by these stores and being drawn in by "that puppy in the window." I felt as if I had to go in to save them. Now, I understand I am a pet store's dream; I am their livelihood. They know just how to get me, by appealing to my compassionate side and somehow making me believe that I would be rescuing any animal that I purchased from an uncertain future."

— Jane Seymour, Hoboken, New Jersey

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