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New family member...

Unfortunatelly this story starts with sad news because one week ago I had to have my rabbit Angus (the grey one in my last entry) put to sleep. I got him from a pet shelter in March 2006. So he only had 9 months with us. Unfortunatelly I pretty soon had to believe that he already was quite old and in summer he started to have never ending problems with his jaw bone. At a certain point it was clear that we couldn´t help him anymore and that one day he wouldn´t be able to eat anymore. Since he was still doing o.k. and for the sake of the other rabbit we let him live on as long as possible. After all I think he had some good months at our place and sometimes that´s all you can give to a shelter pet. 

Since I didn´t want my female rabbit being alone for too long we picked up that beautyful little snow flake you can see below the cut from the local pet shelter on Wednesday. He´s called Joker and I hope that he´ll become an equally good friend for my rabbit - girl Fay as Angus was!

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