name, schmame (either_or) wrote in shelter_pets,
name, schmame

hello! i have two stories and a picture

1. my aunt was @ a pet store, buying some supplies for four orphaned baby squirrels she rescued from a cat (they are SO CUTE!). anyway, she saw a dog (man, i wish i could remember what kind) in one of those glass boxes they keep them in. and he was scared and huddled in the corner. she asked about him and they said he had been there for MONTHS and he had been out of the box for cleaning and such, but had never walked around. she tried to get a friend of hers whose dog recently died to buy the poor thing (who had been discounted from 400 to 300 dollars), but he wasn't ready for a new dog. my aunt couldn't afford him and already has a lot of animals on her hands. so she called a dog rescue (for his specific breed, which i don't remember) and a lady from the rescue came, talked them down to $250, and took him with her to the shelter. whew! (this is a rescue shelter, and they do not euthanize, but instead go around getting animals in risk of euthanization from county shelters and pounds)

2. my boyfriend and i recently adopted a bunny. she is huge and aloof and i love her already. we got her at an adoption fair in santa cruz, ca. we call her bunbun, but are still looking for a "real" name.

this is when we first got her, so she was a little apprehensive about us...okay, she still is. anyway, we took some good pics today, so maybe i'll post a few of those another time.
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